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New York once again Ground Zero as death toll mounts ... US   Government "didn't see this one coming, it snug up on us." AGAIN!?

Wearing plastic thrash bags to protect first-line health workers ...

Coronavirus News: Video shows NYC emergency room overflowing with patients | ABC News NY |

NEW YORK -- A nurse died from coronavirus after working nonstop for weeks at a hospital where staffers frustrated with dwindling supplies posed in gowns made of trash bags. An emergency room doctor fears he had the virus long before getting too sick to work. Another nurse worries the lone mask she's issued each day won't be enough to protect her from an unending tide of hacking, feverish patients.

At New York City-area hospitals on the front lines of the biggest coronavirus outbreak in the nation, workers are increasingly concerned about the ravages of the illness in their own ranks, and that the lack of testing and protective gear is making it not a matter of if they get it, but when.

"Our emergency room was like a petri dish," said Benny Mathew, a nurse at Montefiore Medical Center who got word Thursday that he had COVID-19 and is now worried he may infect his wife and two daughters.

"I'm angry. We could have secured enough personal protective equipment months ago. It was happening in China since December," he said. "But we thought it was never going to happen here."

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