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Pete Hoekstra the bullsh***er Ambassador of the US  in The Hague ... a stone's throw away from my home 😖

U.S. Ambassador lashes out at China over coronavirus transparency | NL Times |

American ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra lashed out at China and the information it provided about the coronavirus in an interview with Dutch newspaper AD. According to Hoekstra, China did not give the world reliable data about Covid-19 and is still not being transparent about the actual number of coronavirus infections and deaths in the country.

"The world could have responded to this much more efficiently if China had been more transparent. Even now we don't see the transparency we would like to see. When we see how the disease develops in Europe and in the US, the trend is somewhat different from what we hear from China," Hoekstra said to the newspaper.

The Return of Pete Hoekstra to Holland

In sudden shift, US and China seek to cooperate as coronavirus pandemic rages on | Straits Times |

by Oui on Fri Apr 3rd, 2020 at 12:16:43 PM EST

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