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"Our numbers are nonsense" - German chief of the World Medical Association on Corona crisis

Montgomery praised the federal government's strategy for dealing with the spreading virus. He also relies on international comparison. A number of countries, such as Great Britain and the Netherlands, did not respond at all and hoped that contact with the virus would quickly immunize the population. But they have now deviated from that. Others had opted for maximum foreclosure, according to Italy, but did not respond at all. The problem with this is, "You no longer know what is going on within the isolated areas".

The medical officer, on the other hand, praised the Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn, whom he otherwise criticized. Thanks to his consultants like the virologist Christian Drosten, he already understood in January what was developing there. The pandemic plans have been adjusted by the federal and state governments and health care has been prepared for the wave of infections, according to Montgomery. The Federal Republic would therefore stand with "the best, maximum preparation".

There are "fantastic conditions" in Germany, which alone shows that the approximately 28,000 intensive care beds in hospitals and clinics have so far been increased to 50,000. In comparison, Great Britain only has 4,000 such places, Spain only 4,400 and Italy 5,000. When looking at the smaller population of these countries, the Federal Republic has a much better starting position.

Earlier I had a discussion on this blog how poorly the Dutch and PM Mark Rutte had prepared and opted for the herd immunity. The Dutch failed on many issues, especially the IC units from a mere 850 to 1150 ... quite late to 1500 and in the last few days upwards to 2500. The stage was set to reject elderly patients due to the RED code or BLACK code.  Leaving citizens behind ... loved ones will die and we must save the economy. No leadership !!

by Oui on Fri Apr 3rd, 2020 at 08:42:34 PM EST

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