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Interesting. I haven't kept up with the usual suspects since the election. But I took Varadker seriously a year ago, that gov had a stash for adverse BREXIT. Won't venture as to how far it will stretch before the borrowing starts up.

I'm totally ignoring Ursula vdL and Lagarde. Do enjoy this recent Baroque portrait tho'. Didn't read the story. Have forgotten the headline, caption.
Took the overview at France24 with a grain of salt. Benefit caps look suspiciously 2009 mileurista.

The odious passed three bills, two of which to bail-out banks and bank borrowers. The third ("FamiliesFirst") repackaged 2009 UI + 1x "stim check" and minor claims adjustments to give P/T and self-employed a crack at it. Business, claiming COVID affectations, immediately dumped labor--6.6M initial UE claims filed this week alone, so US twitterverse is much aroused by NY/SF/DC leisure economists flaunting BoJo's largesse at "£2,500/mo!". 80% being greater than customary 60% in USA. The irony is hysterical. Complaints about web claims processing have commenced with fury. The yanks have no idea what's going on in UK, but some pay close attention to CFR in Italy (read: EU) to confirm it was Chinese infiltrators wut done it.

by Cat on Fri Apr 3rd, 2020 at 03:46:46 AM EST
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