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"virus has mainly affected Dem states [sic]"
s/b cities. Period.
Population density + muni cash (read: governor political base), truly, the only factors provoking AUTHORITARIAN enforcement (read: 1. police powers 2. fines) of quarantine orders ... which have been daily, rapidly evolving over the past two wks. In MD, for example, I rarely leave house and still have whiplash.

Incidentally, disregard for homeless, custodial pops, and "nonessential" workers' (rarely union, natch) med, "self-isolating" housing, and jobless benefits is universal. London Breed's (D -Frisco) "mitigation" plan is nearly identical to Jack Young's (D-Bal'more): stack 'em in convention center "field hospitals". tbh, this "leadership" simulates normal, SOP across (R) south and mid-west where med services are dysfunctional. archived: aha.org
finite resources

Remember, March 28 UE print was 6.6M for the week, and testing kit access and distribution, rolled out 2 wks ago, is finally reaching critical mass. The story that medium chart pr0n can't touch is basic, American resistance public health, community, and welfare. The irony is, fed gov has exercised every  Holy Playbook recommendation (2014 ed.) except, iirc, National Emergencies Act; and all the exec got from Congress was CARES.

Older than dirt market solutions to every problem, regardless of factional competition in uniparty. "Live free or die" hiding in the "we."

by Cat on Mon Apr 6th, 2020 at 08:36:39 PM EST
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