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It is in some quarters. But I was thinking of the EU version, where a strong central government is not yet part of the picture. My understanding is that there were a couple of big things that happened in US history that pushed us towards a strong central government.

First, before the current federal system, we had a confederation of strong state governments. Poor cooperation led to the change to the federal system.

Second, the federal government was still not very powerful until it was allowed to collect income tax in 1909. Since then the power of the states has been eroded despite the complaints of the "states' rights" crowd.

It seems to me that the EU is more like a confederation than a US-style federation.

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Absolutely, and any further "transfer of sovereignty" from members to EU institutions requires a new Treaty, to be ratified by all - a most unlikely event in the current climate. Some limited further transfer may happen by "institutional creep" but nothing fundamental. That is why I suggested greater public health (or at least pandemic prevention and management) as possible less controversial area for further integration. There is already a European Medicines agency which coordinates certification of medicines. This could be extended to centralised procurement and distribution of strategic stocks of vaccines, medicines and equipment.

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