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After the victory over Germany, the allied nations participated in the Marshall Plan.

Living for five years under Nazi occupation, terror, torture, executions ... citizens of the Western nations wanted CHANGE. Roosevelt and Truman wanted colonialism to cease and urged the empire nations to set the colonies free. A major economic jolt to Europe at the time. The riches were pilfered for centuries from overseas territory.

The African Americans fought for their country and died. By returning, it was a matter of some years and they too wanted to be free as the white man. The great losses during the Vietnam War added further urgency. The Black men died, the White privileged studied in the university and got deferments.

Racism is the history of Slavery, Civil War and Ku Klux Klan

Civil Rights movement is about leadership of MLK and Black Power activism. The FBI countered and put the label of Communism on the movements.

How the Black Power Movement Influenced the Civil Rights Movement

Kicked Out of Olympics in 1968 for Racial Protest, Sprinters Smith and Carlos Now Going to Hall of Fame

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