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Joe Biden Promised to Bring Stability Across Syraq (2007)   by Oui @BooMan on Feb. 14, 2016

A failed VP for 8 years as arms sales to Arab States peaked. Democrats making the same mistakes as four years ago. Biden is so 20th Century in mindset and policy. America deserves better ... time to clean house.

Anthony Blinken, all the "qualities" of Madeleine Albright and Zbigniew Brzezinski put together - HORROR!

Continuing the decades long slide from Social-Democracy and Labour into the camp of far-right, Islamophobia and Nationalism. Biden thinks he'll survive the onslaught by the Tea Party Republicans under president Trump without the Progressive Movement of Bernie Sanders? A fatal flaw in DNC short-term policy, failing activism in a society in upheaval.

War On BDS, Progressive Left Under Attack

by Oui on Fri May 22nd, 2020 at 01:44:10 PM EST
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