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I find it inconceivable that COVID transmission does not occur through school age children. In fact they would seem to be the perfect non-symptomatic transmission vectors. But I find the opportunity of a window of in-classroom instruction to have great potential benefit. This would be particularly true were that instruction focused on developing good preparation and study habits in student combined with 'tutoring for mastery'.

In such a mode students could be provided with a half day of in classroom instruction a week to start with skills needed for online instruction. This could at first be supplemented by and later replaced by intensive on line communication between teacher and student. The teacher could thus devote the majority of their time to tutoring. A seven hour day could be divided into ten half hour on line tutoring sessions for three days of the week with the remaining time each day reserved for breaks for the teacher, for prep and records time before and after each session and for extra time for needy students. The remaining time could be used for providing and explaining assignments and discussing errors and corrections, either one on one or one to all.

In this model as few as five or as many as ten students could be in a real world classroom at a time and only once a week during the first week. This would greatly reduce the probability of transmission of disease and significantly enhance contact tracing efficiency when infections do occur. This first week would be a very busy time for transportation providers, but after that week very little transportation would be required.

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