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Some Irish medics haven't covered themselves in glory.

Dr Jack Lambert's article isn't strong on logic either. He bemoans not being able to go on a foreign holiday to Greece (where incidence is low and the government has not advised against travel) and instead says he will visit sick relatives and holiday in Scotland (where the government is explicitly advising against travel because of the high incidence of disease there).

Another Medic who has been an embarrassment is Prof Dolores Cahill:

A University College Dublin (UCD) professor, who chairs the Eurosceptic Irish Freedom Party, has been asked to resign from a leading European Union scientific committee over online claims she made about the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an hour-long interview with a popular alt-right activist on May 10th, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, Prof Dolores Cahill promised to "debunk the narrative" of the pandemic.

Lockdown and social distancing is not needed to stop the spread of the virus, she said. People who recover are then "immune for life" after 10 days and deaths and illnesses could have been prevented by extra vitamins, she claimed.

People with underlying health conditions, such as cystic fibrosis, could freely engage in society during the pandemic after spending a few weeks building up their immunity in this manner, she went on.

Opposing vaccinations, Ms Cahill said "politicians and the media" are using Covid-19 "as a fear-mongering propaganda tool to try and take away rights from people and to make them more sick and to force vaccinations on us."

However, the European Commission said the claims made by Ms Cahill, a professor of translational medicine in UCD, could cause "significant harm", if taken literally.

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