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So little science knows about the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) ...

NST Leader: Covid-19, airborne?

IF scientists are right, face masks may move from masquerades to mainstream. According to a Queensland University of Technology post yesterday, 239 scientists from around the world, led by its air quality and health expert Professor Lidia Morawska, say overwhelming research findings point to airborne transmission of Covid-19.

In a letter titled "It is Time to Address Airborne Transmission of Covid-19" to be published this week in the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal, they call on the international health authorities "to recognise and mitigate airborne transmission of Covid-19". It is no ordinary letter.

It's a plea, and there is a reason why the letter comes dressed as such. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is heavy on droplets and close contacts and less so on aerosol transmission.

by Oui on Wed Jul 8th, 2020 at 10:12:01 AM EST
by Oui on Wed Jul 8th, 2020 at 10:14:29 AM EST
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This was more than three months ago. Scientists are still learning about the coronavirus and knowledge keeps evolving.

WHO reviewing evidence that indicates COVID-19 is airborne

July 8 (UPI) -- The World Health Organization has acknowledged emerging evidence that indicates the coronavirus disease may be transmitted through the air.

During a news briefing on Tuesday, WHO health experts responded to an open letter signed by 239 scientists urging the U.N. body to recognize the potential for airborne spread of COVID-19 and to adopt measures to prevent such transmission.

Maria Van Kerkhove, an epidemiologist and the WHO's technical lead for COVID-19, said health experts have been reviewing the evidence and discussing the possibility of airborne transmission of COVID-19 and have been working on a scientific brief summarizing their findings to be released in the coming days.

The WHO has said the disease is transferable through droplets, but that form of transmission is different from airborne transmission. Airborne transmission of COVID-19 is possible, the WHO said, under specific circumstances and settings, especially in healthcare facilities, in which procedures or treatments generate aerosols.

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Coronavirus research updates: Autopsies link immune response to death from COVID-19 | Nature |  

Coronavirus: Scientists say a wave of brain damage could follow pandemic | The National UAE |

Scientists warned of a potential wave of coronavirus-related brain damage as new evidence suggested Covid-19 can lead to severe neurological complications, including inflammation, psychosis and delirium.

A study by researchers at University College London described 43 cases of patients with Covid-19 who suffered either temporary brain dysfunction, strokes, nerve damage or other serious brain effects. The research adds to recent studies that also found the disease can damage the brain.

"Whether we will see an epidemic on a large scale of brain damage linked to the pandemic - perhaps similar to the encephalitis lethargica outbreak in the 1920s and 1930s after the 1918 influenza pandemic - remains to be seen," said Michael Zandi, from UCL's Institute of Neurology, one of the authors of the study.

Newspaper clipping: Edna Klein suffers from encephalitis lethargica  after influenza-pneumonia illness

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There are so many reasons for following a precautionary approach to Covid-19 and yet the sceptics insist on calling it a bad flu of no danger to anyone but the elderly and already infirm. They regard a suppression strategy as unrealistic and economically damaging despite the fact that full economic and social recovery can only come with suppression. Most EU countries have now largely succeeded in that strategy with total EU deaths p/day less than 200- about the same as Russia or UK on their own. We are not far off being able to re-open the EU for business almost as usual if we can get that down still lower.

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Sar-Cov-2 infiltrates a cell using the ACE2 receptor found on endothelial cells.  These cells line the interior surface of blood vessels. As the disease progresses these cells lose their functioning and cause bleeding. Endothelial cells are found throughout the body.  In fact endothelial cells comprise part of the blood/brain barrier so it's not much of a barrier.

Brain damage and brain dysfunction have been linked with even "mild" (sic) and asymptomatic cases of Covid-19.

Prognosis: immediate and continuing neurological and Mental Health problems over the long-term, i.e. decades.

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