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Coronavirus research updates: Autopsies link immune response to death from COVID-19 | Nature |  

Coronavirus: Scientists say a wave of brain damage could follow pandemic | The National UAE |

Scientists warned of a potential wave of coronavirus-related brain damage as new evidence suggested Covid-19 can lead to severe neurological complications, including inflammation, psychosis and delirium.

A study by researchers at University College London described 43 cases of patients with Covid-19 who suffered either temporary brain dysfunction, strokes, nerve damage or other serious brain effects. The research adds to recent studies that also found the disease can damage the brain.

"Whether we will see an epidemic on a large scale of brain damage linked to the pandemic - perhaps similar to the encephalitis lethargica outbreak in the 1920s and 1930s after the 1918 influenza pandemic - remains to be seen," said Michael Zandi, from UCL's Institute of Neurology, one of the authors of the study.

Newspaper clipping: Edna Klein suffers from encephalitis lethargica  after influenza-pneumonia illness

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