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The infection rate has been decreasing steadily in France. Yet, epidemiologists are ringing the alarm bell and warning of a potential second wave by autumn or even sooner. Two factors are cause for concern:

  • Slackening of social distancing: many people think "this is over" and are forgetting social distancing precautions and face masks. In some western regions that had a low circulation of the virus last spring, like Normandy or Occitania, the R0 rate is now above one. Of special concern is French Guiana, located next to Brazil, where the peak hasn't happened yet and hospitals are still overloaded.

  • And yes, imported cases from abroad: several travelers coming back from mainly Algeria and other countries have been hospitalized in the past weeks and some have died. There is an important Algerian born population in France and summer travel is important. Since June 28, Algerian authorities have closed their borders again to international travel and imposed lockdowns in several cities.
by Bernard on Wed Jul 8th, 2020 at 05:16:56 PM EST

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