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I support Catalan independence - or rather, the right for Catalonia to decide on its independence - because I'm a democrat. Questions like this should be resolved peacefully and democratically, not by beating people in the streets, dissolving elected governments, and jailing people for "sedition". The UK (which is not what I usually think of as a good example of democratic governance) is showing how you can manage such a process with Scotland. Spain should be doing the same, rather than treating peaceful democratic advocacy like terrorism (which only makes people want to get out from under their boot).

As for nationalism, from the outside, the EU seems to provide a model where nations can both be culturally distinct and part of a greater whole. France, Germany, and Italy are all different, all unique, but they're also all European together. Meanwhile, EU regulations and the four freedoms mean that borders just matter less. So peaceful successions within the EU where everyone remains part of the EU seem to not make a hell of a lot of difference (while of course making all the difference in the world to how people feel about their state). But then, I live in a not very nationalist (indeed, kindof anti-nationalist, or anti- the traditional trappings of nationalism) country, so there may be a cultural gap there.

by IdiotSavant on Mon Oct 19th, 2020 at 10:26:13 PM EST
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