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I don't think the rest of Spain has any right to decide for Catalonia, or Westminster for Scotland, any more than I have any right to decide for the South Island or Auckland (or for Tokelau, which will undoubtedly have another independence referendum in my lifetime). When a people decide they no longer want to be a part of your country, the best thing for everyone is to accept it and focus on working out how to live together in peace afterwards. Which is what is gradually happening in the UK, it seems (UK law says independence is a non-devolved matter, so Westminster decides; but the UK also seems to recognise that the decision is really one for the Scots, and its just a question of how long it takes them to finally get there).

If states don't want people to want to leave, they need to make them want to stay - and you don't do that by putting a boot on their necks. You can do it with regional autonomy, but Spain fucked that up, to the point where it is probably now irretrievable. (The UK didn't fuck it up, but devolution became a driver for independence in Scotland because it highlighted the differences in political culture and expectations).

by IdiotSavant on Tue Oct 20th, 2020 at 02:44:42 AM EST
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