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... after the fall of the Soviet Union ...

the Bush and Clinton administration. failed to re-create the country in its image of big capitalism and western democracy. Foreign venture capitaists and Soviet "reformers" ripped the State of its resources and assets under Boris Yeltsin and left soon after Putin arrived. Post 9/11, Russia gave the US and allies support and cover in Afghanistan during the bombing raids. NATO got a new purpose as an American proxy to fight global wars ... the rightwingers in Washington had a scheme of so-called revolutions to spread democracy and gain markets in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Russia was shown the exit as partner of NATO during the Bucharest Summit (March 2008) under leadership of SG De Hoop Scheffer. Under Obama and HRC the reset button was pushed for Cold War 2.0 as Russia was only a regional power player.

According to neorealism, if alignment is formed because of threat, it will falter in the absence of a threat ...

by Oui on Sun Jan 3rd, 2021 at 05:26:28 PM EST
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