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Politico | Tensions grow between Moderna, White House over vaccine production, Defense Production acts
The Biden administration has urged Moderna for months to increase its production domestically, in an attempt to help deliver on the president's pledge to make the U.S. "an arsenal of vaccines" for the world ... despite the company's agreement to supply 500 million doses to low- and middle-income countries, including 34 million doses this year, through the international vaccine aid program known as the COVAX Facility.
If Moderna agreed to sell the Biden administration doses for poorer countries it would likely be asked to do so at cost, one source said, putting pressure on its bottom line.
The Biden administration's strained talks with Moderna stand in stark contrast to its relationship with Pfizer and[?!] BioNTech. The partners turned down government aid to develop their Covid-19 shot but have worked with the administration to increase global vaccination. In September, the two companies [?!] signed a deal with the federal government to deliver 1 billion doses of their vaccine for international donation by the end of September 2022 [BWAH!].
APsplainin | Moderna has no plans to share its Covid-19 vaccine recipe
[Chairman] Noubar Afeyan also reiterated a pledge Moderna made a year ago not to enforce patent infringement on anyone else making a coronavirus vaccine during the pandemic.
"Within the next six to nine months, the most reliable way to make high-quality vaccines and in an efficient way is going to be if we make them," Afeyan said. Asked about appeals from the World Health Organization and others, he contended that such pleas assumed "that we couldn't get enough capacity, but in fact we know we can."
Moderna is working with multiple governments "to help them secure supplies for the express purpose of supplying to low-income countries,'' the executive said. "There is more supply in the EU and the U.S. government than they will be able to use," said Afeyan, who is also a co-founder of Moderna.
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