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Nobel in chemistry honors "greener" way to build molecules, mostly pharma and pesticide applications, marketing
The chemistry prize focused on the business of making molecules. That requires linking individual atoms together in specific arrangements -- a difficult and slow task. Until the beginning of the millennium the year 2000, chemists had only two methods -- or catalysts -- to speed up the process, using either complicated enzymes or metal catalysts.
periodic table of organic | inorganic elements meets quantum physics
"One way to look at their work is like molecular carpentry," said John Lorsch, director of the NIH's National Institute of General Medical Sciences. "They've found ways to not only speed up the chemical ["]joining["]," he said, "but to make sure it only goes in either the right-handed or left-handed direction."
peter, paul "biologic" blockchain
List said he did not initially know that MacMillan was working on the same subject and figured his hunch might just be a "stupid idea" -- until it worked.
Where's muh patent waiver?
Where's muh alternative fuel?
asymmetric organocatalysis has entered the room.
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