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Turkey may already be in the process of destroying a Greek relic, making "the entire world angry"! This evening RT presenter Rick Sanchez asked RT producer Joe Ricci, who also happens to possess a PhD in history, to explain "with some sense of authority", WHY in the WORLD would Turkey do something like this? And help us understand how important these Greek landmarks are.

"the foundational tale of western literature"

Assos is "right near the city Troy" [I-IX], site of the Trojan war in the Illiad ["elite" pulp fiction]. "Historically, 500 to a thousand years before the birth of Christ, this area was ALL populated by Greeks. So the center of Greece was really the Aegean Sea." They called Ionia or Anatolia which in Greek just means 'the east' or the 'land of the rising sun' [more often translated to *-Eng., "Asia"] It remained Greek-speaking until the 1920s, "when there were finally some deportations of Greek people from Turkey ... so there was a kind of sorting which took place between Greece and Turkey."

Dr. Ricci explains. Turkish provincial government wants some hotels built. "They're not actually trying to destroy the site. They're actually trying to build up the area" to accommodate moar tooorists. One thing that is safe to say is, "the Turks might not like that Greek sites lay all over their territory... but these sites have brought millions and millions, billions, of tooorist revenue to the Turks."

Troy Excavation Project Final Reports I.1: The West Sanctuary I. Iron Age-Classical. Studia Troica Monograph 12. Carolyn Aslan, Kathleen Lynch, and Mark Lawall. R. Habelt, Bonn, 2018.

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needs moar "tiny Baltic state" consultation, possibly Mycenen and Ugraritic translations from the "text" describing localized kiln-fired pottery.
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