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Author of recent article is deeply involved in trade development with China ... no negative reviews of CCP please. Much has been theorized about the governance of a nation and it appears the West is deteriorating its democratic foundations. Moving closer towards autocracy.

The Illiberal Tide - Why the International Order Is Tilting Toward Autocracy | Foreign Affairs - March 2021 |

Beyond neoliberalism and emerging markets | Brookings Institution |

The neoliberal policy agenda for emerging markets was flawed and incomplete in many ways. Its shortcomings stand out in five particular areas. First, neoliberalism did not pay sufficient attention to the risk of financial crises and to the devastating impact of such downturns on economies' long run trajectories. Second, neoliberals tended to dogmatically reject industrial policy, even though support for industries has at times proven very effective (particularly in Asia).3 Third, neoliberalism was largely indifferent to inequalities, considering distributional issues as (at best) a second-order concern. Fourth, the environment was under-prioritized, leading some countries to pursue economic policies that aggressively degraded environmental resources, which led to costly health hazards from polluted air and contaminated food, among other harms. Fifth and not least, neoliberal policy failed to grapple with how dysfunctional political processes could allow for the elite capture of the state, and how politics constrains economic policy options. These issues are important policy challenges in their own right, but are also instrumentally important to neoliberalism's primary objective of economic growth.

China's Taliban Conundrum

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