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Topics as Climate Change, Taiwan province and Afghanistan high on agenda?

Xi-Biden's rare long virtual meet concludes, 'injects certainty into bilateral ties'

The first face-to-face virtual meeting between the top two leaders lasted three hours and a half after they opened their talks on a friendly note. Chinese observers said that the meeting will inject certainty into the bilateral ties and is sending a signal that the two countries will cooperate in many areas despite they could not avoid fierce competition, and the fact that they are trying to manage competition is itself a positive sign for the world.     

A video released by China Central Television showed that Xi hailed Biden as an old friend in the opening remarks, saying that he was very happy to see his old friend and it's crucial for China and the US to work together in addressing common challenges.

Both China and the US are at critical stages of development, and the "global village" of humanity faces multiple challenges, the Chinese president said. 

Readout of President Biden's Virtual Meeting with President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China

British media view ...

Biden-Xi talks: China warns US about 'playing with fire' on Taiwan | BBC News |

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