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umm the EU-27 en toto is the #2 trading partner (sandwiched between CHINA and NAFTA). And IE barely registers.
csp.ie, FDI in/out as of 2018
US Commerce/Census, IE 2021
US Commerce/Census, EU 2021

And US is fixated on reducing CHINA trade deficit, while the EC is fixated increasing EU trade surplus across industry sectors AND corp tax revenue, until further notice. BUT the republic is playing like DK with the TEU.

So. ie.gov is in the wind, and US is not going to interrupt that "process", because Never-Waste-a-Crisis® is policy. I promise you. The USTR is waiting to clean up "US-based" corp profit, when after IE/EU completes the heavy lift -OR- China concedes marginal, politically attractive capital gains for US domestic ahh media consumption.

by Cat on Thu Oct 28th, 2021 at 07:57:24 PM EST
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