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The Irish Independent has published two letters in response to mine, which remains the most read on their letters page, with my letter on taxing vacant properties in third place.

It only suits the Tories for Northern Ireland to fail

In response to Frank Schnittger (`Just how low can Boris Johnson go?', Letters, October 29), watching the antics of British Tory ministers and advisers since the Brexit brouhaha began, I am of the opinion that none of them wanted to realise the difficulties and problems Brexit would incur, let alone examine them.

Tories being Tories, as usual Northern Ireland is only useful when there is violence there. Johnson and Frost - "two halfwits that would not make one wit between them" (as an Irish councillor remarked on his colleagues, circa 1980) - need Northern Ireland to fail, as this would create a massive distraction from the coming winter of discontent in the UK.

The old Irish adage, "England has the ear of the world's press on Irish affairs", may be lurking in the foolish mindset of the Olde Englande crowd, as is the sectarian mindset, "Shout at them [the EU] if they don't speak English".

It is a known fact that the Tories of the world have the ability to go far lower than even a snake's belly, thus absolutely nothing is beyond them when it comes to "Lies, damn lies and deceit". Time for the peaceable people of Northern Ireland to demonstrate to London they are not interested in a return to violence merely to suit Johnson and his cohort of thundering gobs**tes.

Declan Foley

Melbourne, Australia


The ballot box can deliver so much without violence

I agree with Frank Schnittger (Letters, October 29). The British government, in reality, finds Northern Ireland an inconvenience it would happily abandon at the first opportunity. A referendum should be held in the near-future on Irish reunification. If a Yes vote is recorded, Ireland should be peacefully reunited, with protections incorporated for the Protestant community.

As there has already been power-sharing in the North, a general election should be held after reunification, with Sinn Féin hopefully winning and thus obliged to fairly govern Ireland for Catholic and Protestant alike.

So much can be achieved by the ballot box without a shot being fired.

Dominic Shelmerdine


(And no, I don't know these people and they are not friends of mine!)

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Is this perhaps your non-friend Sligoman from Melbourne? Well known for Yeats Poetry. An earlier letter on the GFA in 1998.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Oct 30th, 2021 at 09:35:51 AM EST
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love those 2 letters

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