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Trump doctrine, the next generation ...

Suburban shifts hand GOP Virginia along with fresh messaging | ABC News |

Democrats wanted to talk about Trump in the governor's race in Virginia, rightly noting his continued dominance inside the GOP. But Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin preferred to talk about inflation, school safety, COVID mandates and parents' control of curriculum.

He employed plenty of right-wing buzzwords ....

Youngkin effectively flipped the suburbs en route to victory, carrying that subset of voters by a margin of 53-47, according to exit polls. Biden carried those same suburbs 53-45 a year ago.

Statewide in Virginia, exit polls showed white women breaking for Youngkin 57-43 after Biden carried them 50-49 last year. White men with college degrees favored Youngkin, 56-44; Trump won them by only three points, 49-46, in 2020.

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