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um, no.

  1. There was the mRNA "freezer" problem proceeding from the variant "discovery" of 2020. Cold truth: South Africa won't be able to store these COVID vaccines. Here's why
  2. Then, there was EU +1 AstraZenca lend/lease dumping with J&J-"Leiden vaccine" supply chain embargo problem.
  3. Then came a NATO opposition to "patent waiver"/COVAX pledge problem passing through WTO "reform" d/b/a Africa Left With Few Options for Vaccines, South Africa Says
  4. Most recently, South Africa Rejects Second Batch of COVID-19 Vaccines, This Time From Johnson & Johnson
This is the second batch of vaccines rejected by South Africa, which turned away approximately one million AstraZeneca vaccines earlier in 2020. One study determined that those vaccines, sold to South Africa by the Serum Institute of India, provided little buffer against mild to moderate infections by the COVID-19 variant that is common in the country.

Above all were sub-Saharan lessons learned from HIV/AIDS living lab CONTAINMENT and ebola marketing, to date, not withstanding a decade-long BRICS offensive.

Now? Biden admin announces travel ban for South Africa and 7 other countries, citing new variant

by Cat on Sat Nov 27th, 2021 at 07:18:10 PM EST
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