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FKA detention facilities FKA concentration camps FKA prisons FKA gaols [UK-Eng.]
Concerns About Spread of [SARS-Cov-2 OMICRON] Rise as Another Migrant Caravan [FLEES to US, UK] - Report
Reports about the pandemic situation at the border have caused fierce controversy, as the border authorities were accused of not complying with COVID-19 guidelines. Coronavirus rates in detention facilities have skyrocketed in the months of the most intense immigration influx amid reports that immigrants were held in close quarters without proper distancing and isolation quarantine.

immigrants arriving in the US are not required to be vaccinated against coronavirus, and rumors emerged that instead of being detained, undocumented immigrants were released and transported into the interior of the US without proper COVID-19 checks.

ICE Guidance on COVID-19
30% of immigrants in ICE custody have refused a coronavirus vaccine, July 2021
ICE ramps up vaccination of immigrants in U.S. custody, but thousands have refused, Aug 2021
archived a public health law known as Title 42, yanno, that policy Biden "enacted", to build back better Title 42's procedural reach
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