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When I look at Swedish papers, Brexit is pretty much gone as a topic. Searching for news articles relating to Brexits gives most hits weeks or months ago. The North Ireland tussle is possibly mentioned in a small article at the bottom of page 14.

Why would the Swedish cabinet - busy with lots of things more interesting and important than the already over and done with Brexit - spend any time or political capital on arguing against the countries within the EU that actually has reasons to have strong opinions on this? I would be surprised if this didn't go for most EU states.

by fjallstrom on Tue Nov 23rd, 2021 at 09:51:05 PM EST
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What most Brits, brexiters and remainers alike, fail to understand is that Brexit is no longer front page issue in the EU. The main pan-European focus for the past weeks has been the situation at the Belarusian border; plus the new wave of COVID picking up throughout the continent.

The main exception would be the Republic of Ireland, because of the NI issue, and the fishing communities from France to Denmark, that have seen their fishing licenses taken away. But fishing is 0.06% of French GDP, so it's not going to get the full focus of the French cabinet either.

by Bernard (bernard) on Wed Nov 24th, 2021 at 05:30:16 PM EST
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Except if Macron needs a boost in the polls to see off his far right nationalist opponents. Then he can blow up the fishing issue as if Franc's pride and dignity is at stake: 0.06% of GDP or 6%, it hardly matters, except that at 0.06%, it is a low cost almost risk free way of playing the strong man. Equally France can feel virtuous sticking up for poor little Ireland, and give the Rosbifs one in the eye at the same time.

Boris is playing a dangerous game poking the EU bear.

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