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I don't think it says much about this site except that those few of us still posting diaries tend to focus on areas where we feel we have some useful knowledge or experience. I valued Helen's political contributions because there aren't many English posters left on here and she was insightful and authoritative where I relied on secondary sources. Gender simply wasn't an issue on the one occasion I met her and most of her later contributions made little reference to it. I was more than happy to defer to her greater knowledge of LGBT+ issues, and the pity of it is she didn't post much in more recent times. Perhaps, like many of the old timers, she just got tired of the same controversies erupting again and again...

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by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Tue Jan 4th, 2022 at 08:01:48 PM EST
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A long way back, one of my first diaries in 2005 ...

How times have changed, my interests was on US politics @BooMan until mid 2017 when Democrats freaked out on anti-Russia propaganda paid for by exiled billionaire thieves. Have spend most of my writing since here @ET ... it was a very quiet place to be. Facebook and social media outlets had taken friends away. There was a G8 back then 😉... and Plutonium Page for heated discussion.

Suggestion G8 Meeting @Gleneagles - Share A Room | July 4, 2005 |

BSE, that ravaged the UK beef industry in the early 1990s, cost the EU-15 more than €90 billion, a situation that Brussels is keen to avert a second time. The new budget, rising by some €41 million on 2004, for TSEs will aim to boost consumer confidence in Europe's beef industry to bring more revenue into the sector.

The UK beef industry is only now starting to recover from the outbreak that saw 37,000 clinical cases of BSE and about 60,000 of the highest risk animals entering the food supply, compared with less than one a year today.

The EU enlargement to EU-25 in 2004 set back the Union and helped advance NATO as a political tool to undermine the Four Freedoms and get a grip on the European Union.

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