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Emmanuel Macron offered assurances that the EU's push for "strategic autonomy" is not an effort to distance itself from the U.S., but to show that Europe can be a "reliable and responsible and credible partner," instead of a continent dependent on the U.S. for security
which binds EU capital to US sanctions against EU "trading partners" other than ... US
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Macron called for western allies to immediately deliver 13 million [BWAH!] Covid-19 vaccine doses to African nations to protect the continent's health workers, before China and Russia fill the void.
At an earlier meeting of G-7 leaders, Biden agreed with counterparts "to work together to beat Covid-19 and build back better," mirroring his own domestic messaging.
Battle for the Soul of Our Bumper Sticker
On economic issues, the G-7 committed to "cut emissions and create good jobs on a path to net zero no later than 2050," to reform the World Trade Organization, and to agree a global taxation framework [BWAH!] by mid-2021.
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Exclusive: Baker Hughes, AXA Group, 16 others quit Nord Stream 2 pipeline - U.S.
The $11 billion pipeline, which would double the capacity of its existing duct, would bypass Ukraine through which Russia has sent gas to Europe for decades. That could deprive Ukraine of lucrative transit fees and potentially undermine its struggle against Russian aggression.

The United States, the world's top gas producer, also would like to export liquefied natural gas to Europe as an alternative to Russian gas.
Ned Price, the State Department spokesman, told reporters this week the fact that the companies quit with sanctions looming "demonstrates that the legislative goals and our actions are having a good effect."

He said the State Department continues to "examine entities involved in potentially sanctionable activity." Price has also said "sanctions are only one" of many tools in response to Nord Stream 2.

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