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... trying to appease the EU-Turkey relations ...

Not so! Biden has sent the NATO and EU-27 instructions the West needs to appease Erdogan's Turkey at any cost.

After invoking Chapter 5 due to the attack of 9/11 and entering a brief bombing raid on the Afghan Taliban regime, NATO and Europe rolled into the expeditionary force of the U.S. Armed Forces. After the Afghan expedition, NATO was instructed to enter an illegal war in Iraq and uncomfortable regime change in Libya followed shortly thereafter into Syria. The Obama era of human rights and R2P policy was a propaganda spin to make the Middle East into the image of the West and capitalism. Europe became a partner in US proxy wars of aggression and flaunting International law, by-passing the UN Security Council and institutions like the ICC in The Hague.

The 8 years of George Bush brought enormous wealth into the pockets of allies of the Gulf States minus Iraq, Iran and Libya.

Venezuela was already nominated to fall as Cuba would fall and Obama/Biden sought Atlantic Council policy of making the provincial power, the Russian Federation, a pariah state after policy decision for enlargement during NATO summit in Bucharest of March 2008.

 NATO's Response to Hybrid Threats

NATO and the Middle East:  A Positive Agenda for Change | March 23012 |

I have always wondered where decisions are made, I have come to the conclusion that the military commanders in NATO and the intelligence alliance of 5- or 9-Eyes are the architects of war. Political leaders of the nations outside the UNSC do not have a voice and are the water carriers with instructions from the White House and the NATO Commander in Brussels. Stoltenberg like De Hoop Scheffer has no voice in decision making.

From the diaries ...

Trump's Revival of anti-EU Sentiment in Warsaw

    As part of its 2010 Lisbon agreement, NATO also invited Russia to cooperate on missile defense. Although NATO and Russia have had different views on missile defense, there are numerous successful areas of U.S.-Russian and NATO-Russian military cooperation and the NATO-Russia Council continues to have active discussions on missile defense cooperation, including a joint theater missile defense exercise program.

    The United States and NATO believe that cooperation on missile defense can enhance the security of both NATO and
    Russia and such cooperation could also send a vitally important signal to Iran that we are united in opposition to any Iranian efforts to acquire nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

So, why did the NATO allied nations provoke the Russian Bear within the coup d'état in Kiev of February 2014? The powers of a Deep State. McCain et al after the failure under George Bush in Ukraine - 2004 - and Georgia - 2008 -. Indeed, Obama did write history.

Under the Trump administration, leadership and policy went complete haywire ...

by Oui on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 at 02:48:04 PM EST

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