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Pushing Ukraine and New Europe down the throat of NATO and the EU-27 ... crossing red lines of the Russian Bear.

Russia is committed to keep Crimea under its full influence and with the NATO marching orders into Ukraine, Putin will always defend its Russian speaking citizens in the Donbas ... whatever it takes. Ukraine and the repeated attempts by the West for regime change in 2004 - 2008 - 2014. Corruption by the oligarchs has never ceased.

What Will Ukraine Do Without Uncle Joe? | Foreign Policy - Oct. 20, 2016 |

No one in the U.S. government has wielded more influence over Ukraine than Vice President Joe Biden. As the Obama administration's point person on Ukraine policy, he has rallied support for Kiev in the face of Russian military intervention and cultivated a personal rapport with its leaders. But he has delivered tough love as well, delaying financial aid more than once over concerns about rampant corruption.

With Biden's tenure as vice president about to expire, the next U.S. president will have to decide who will take up his unique role as Kiev's go-to guy. The transition comes at a pivotal moment for the festering war in Ukraine, America's increasingly tense rivalry with Russia, and Europe's growing fatigue with Kiev's incessant corruption.

Even President Barack Obama, a Democrat, has been reluctant to help shoulder the complete burden of Ukraine's woes, in part out of fear of provoking a direct confrontation with Moscow. In 2014, Russian troops seized and annexed the Crimean Peninsula and then reportedly deployed Moscow's own soldiers to eastern Ukraine to back separatists there. At the time, Obama overruled Biden and most of his advisors in deciding against arming Ukrainian soldiers.

Obama was worried about triggering an escalating military standoff between Kiev and Moscow that Russia probably would win and was mindful of European capitals' strong opposition to the move. Instead, Obama pushed for economic sanctions against Russia and agreed to have Germany and France lead diplomatic efforts with Kiev and Moscow to resolve the conflict.

But the fighting has continued, and patience for Russia is running out in Congress, where some lawmakers now favor slapping fresh economic sanctions on Moscow. Senior diplomats are also frustrated at the state of the fraying Minsk peace agreement and believe the time has come for the United States to take a leading role in the talks, instead of deferring to Berlin and Paris.  

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