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Biden Wants NATO Expansion

Human Rights pushed back for time being ... rewriting history of Europe and the Middle East. As Europe rejects Russia as a possible partner, it affirms Russia in a role of pariah state.

Bush designated certain countries as pure Evil, the Obama and Biden administration are gross violators of using tools of censure, sanctions and economic warfare.

As new generations are educated in the 21st century to a new normal in the digital age, the western world will see the Internet and privacy tested to its maximum. The enemy states too have mastered the cyber world and asymmetric warfare for its defenses and economic gain.

The EU has been send on a mission to bring dictator Erdogan of Turkey inside the  fold of NATO and offer further EU benefits.

The renewed talks in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear deal is a sweetener from Washington, the carrot to take the EU for a ride. After a few months of tough talk, Biden will enter a modified JCPOA agreement. The EU will have to accept expansion of NATO into the Middle East to offset the threat of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The first steps have been set by the Trump administration, or as Psaki and Biden firmly names it, the `former' administration and the .... president.

Biden was the architect o the Maidan Revolt, so his focus will be to offer the Ukraine NATO membership before 2025. The same offer will be made to Georgia and Azerbaijan as a key state in Caspian Sea fossil fuel and advanced position vs. Iran, Russia and China.

US foreign policy and Euro-Caspian energy security: The time is now to build the Trans-Caspian Pipeline | Atlantic Council |

Energy and Security from the Caspian to Europe | U.S. Congress - 2012 |

Finally, Congress should swiftly pass the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for NATO Act. My legislation would place NATO allies on equal footing with free trade partners under U.S. law in providing for automatic licenses for U.S. LNG exports. Unlike in past years, U.S. domestic shale natural gas production affords us the opportunity to directly alleviate the dependency
of our NATO allies in the Baltics, Central and Southeastern Europe, and Turkey on Russian supplies, and further isolate Iran, while benefiting the U.S. economy by opening new markets.

The Gulf States Are urging its massive wealth gained during the Bush administration invasion and occupation of Iraq to change politics on the ground in key MENA countries: Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and possibly Iraq and a bit more politically stable (read Sunny politicians) in  Lebanon.

In all for Joe Biden, the focus will be Ukraine, JCPOA, Turkey ... Palestijns and Kurds will be neglected. They play no role in his master plan. One person has target on his back, Assad of Syria. He needs to go as the Assad regime has been a roadblock for two decades now. The Biden administration has already confirmed the Trump gift of the Golan Heights to Israel and East-Jerusalem has been nominated.

PS I wrote this ahead of publication of my latest diary ...

by Oui on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 at 03:03:02 PM EST

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