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Doug Beattie elected new leader of Ulster Unionist Party
Speaking after his election, Mr Beattie suggested a more liberal leadership of the UUP could widen the gap between his party and the DUP, which on Friday elected Edwin Poots as leader, a stalwart of unionism's more fundamentalist wing.

Mr Beattie said it would give unionism a choice and "those disenfranchised unionists who may be more centre or centre right, will find a home with the Ulster Unionist Party, those who are maybe more to the right may well find a home with a DUP."

While he would move to reassure more conservative UUP members that they have "nothing to fear" from his leadership, he admitted some may abandon his ranks over the direction he intends to take.

"As the Ulster Unionist Party leader I want to grow and sometimes they say you have to shrink in order to grow and if I have to shrink to grow, that is exactly what I will do," he said.

"But we will look for policies that are progressive."

Some within his party "may not like my liberal credentials" in which case "I have to accept that."

Liberal, in a UUP context, means accepting that UK laws on abortion and same sex marriage should apply in N. Ireland as well.

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