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@Richard ... I appreciate your great optimism as I have seen certain signs once Joe Biden won by a landslide. Reconciliation with Qatar took place earlier as Trump's defeat was written in the stars. The Obama years saw favoritism to Qatar and Turkey as allies for peace and stability. Mike Pompeo went on a rampage of diplomatic destruction ... a scorched earth policy. Pompeo wasn't welcome in Brussels and I believe Baghdad. The attempted overthrow of the Jordanian King Abdullah II was another fatal error by the Abraham Economic Powers. Dividing Jerusalem amongst themselves. Is Al Aqsa mount temporarily closed for Jews due to the Arab revolt? The Colonial powers and the Balfour Declaration has certainly struck home to haunt the region. The British double-cross of the Hashemite King comes to mind. President Biden signed a new military agreement with Jordan. Proxy war is fine elsewhere, but not at the doorstep of the Saudi Kingdom. The role of the UAE is more aggressive with Mohammed Dahlan as NSC adviser to the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi. Hopefully there is some concern for the abuse of Human Rights by all parties in the Middle East. For Europe and especially the French, the total destruction of Lebanon and Syria must be quite painful. The spoils out of the Ottoman Empire from allied "victory" of WWI has seen mostly 100 years of destruction.
by Oui on Wed May 5th, 2021 at 11:41:45 AM EST
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