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TikTok Star Megan Alexandra Blankenbiller Begs Others to Get Vaccinated Before Dying of COVID in Hospital

In a later TikTok, Alexandra revealed that her hospital experience has been frightening. "I've been here since for early Friday morning," she said. "All I've been hearing are the moans and screams of people in pain. People, I'm assuming, that have lost people that they love because I know what that's like personally and what that sounds like."

"It's no secret this is something that should be taken seriously," Blankenbiller's sister, Cristina Blankenbiller, told WebMD. "But there's so much misinformation out there."

Cristina shared that she, Alexandra, their mother, and their sister made appointments to get vaccinated, but they all came down with COVID-19 before their shots. "Her final video really showed a lot of who she was," sister Rachel Blankenbiller said. "She was selfless--the type of person who used her final days to help others."

Unfortunately, her case is not unique. According to CDC data, Florida is seeing its deadliest surge of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. Only 54% of the state population was fully vaccinated as of Sept. 3.

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