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Mu [μ, mean] COVID variant: All you need to know about the new ["]UK["] coronavirus strain
A new coronavirus strain has been added to the World Health Organization's (WHO) watchlist. The Mu strain, also called B.1.621, has been listed as a 'variant of interest' as of 30 August 2021.

There have been 48 cases of the Mu strain in the UK, with two cases occurring in the week leading up to 25 August 2021. The strain shares mutations with variants of concern, including the Delta variant which is currently dominating in the UK and USA.
The Mu variant was first documented in Colombia, in January 2021. There, it has been responsible for 852 cases, according to the GISAID COVID tracking initiative.

According to data from GISAID, the strain has been detected in at least 40 countries and in 49 states across the USA.

UK version What is C.1.2, the new Covid variant in South Africa, and should we be worried?

On Monday the National Institute for Communicable Diseases in South Africa issued an alert about the "C.1.2 lineage", saying it had been detected in all provinces in the country, but at a relatively low rate.

C.1.2 was first detected in May, the alert said, but Delta is still the dominant variant spreading in South Africa and the world.

A pre-print, non peer-reviewed paper published about the variant said C.1.2 "has since been detected across the majority of the provinces in South Africa and in seven other countries spanning Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania".

USA version C.1.2 variant has concerning mutations, experts say, but Americans shouldn't panic: 'I wouldn't lose any lose sleep'
International health agencies don't list it as a "variant of concern." It's not even a "variant of interest." Still, as the the pandemic continues, scientists are keeping a close eye on mutations of the original coronavirus that might turn more dangerous.

Coincidentally, "Antimicrobial resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae has reached an alarming level, severely impacting the effective treatment of gonorrhea."

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