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Border killings trigger mass deportation of Haitians from Dominican Republic, 2013 Trujillo-country
The number of Haitians and people of Haitian descent who've been expelled has reached 354, said Josue Michel, a spokesman for the Group for Repatriates and Refugees. Authorities had reported at least 244 people expelled as of Sunday.
The Dominican Republic was among the first countries to respond after the devastating 2010 earthquake in the Haitian capital, and has helped with reconstruction by securing contracts on major infrastructure projects since then. But relations between the two have soured since September when a Dominican court threatened to revoke citizenship for residents of the Dominican Republic of Haitian descent, which could affect 200,000 people.
Congresswoman Wilson urges Biden to suspend deportations to Haiti, 13 Feb 2021
Florida Democratic Congressman Frederica S. Wilson, who represents one of the largest Haitian-American communities in the United States, sent a letter to the Biden administration in response to the recent deportations to Haiti that took place under a federal public health law (rarely used in the past), known as "Title 42", used to restrict asylum seekers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The letter urges the Biden administration to reverse this practice and suspend all deportations throughout the duration of the Covid pandemic.

Frederica S. Wilson recalls "[...] Haiti has faced severe economic and political struggles for years three centuries, but the COVID-19 pandemic and developing constitutional and security crises have compounded the island-nation's ["]exiting problems["]. Haiti is in no state to be accepting deportation [?] flights and many, if not all, of the migrants who are being sent there pose no national security risk [to USA]," adding "I was heartbroken to hear about the numbers of families and children being sent into these increasingly unstable conditions. While I am grateful for President Biden's leadership in seeking to end this pandemic and encouraged by his vision on immigration reform, we can and must do better."

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