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FDP a coalition partner for the SPD and Greens?

Germany's kingmaker, the FDP, is set to return to government

Germany's Free Democratic Party sees a chance to join a coalition government after this year's election. The pro-free market party advocates lower taxes, more civil liberties, and cutting back the welfare state.

A new, more radical manifesto

The FDP ship has steadied since then, placing many respected ministers and concentrating on its core values: Liberalism on both the economy and on social values. 'There's never been more that needs to get done' was the FDP campaign motto. The party is in favor of restricting unemployment benefits, expanding equal rights for same-sex couples, expanding educational opportunities, and ensuring personal data is protected. 

Personal freedom, and restricting the power of the state, have been the party's guiding principles. The FDP wants to combat climate change by promoting new technolgies and it has promised to accelerate Germany's sluggish digitalization drive.  

The FDP's natural voters are the same as the Green party's -- younger, politically centrist professionals living in cities, unmoored both from the traditional working-class voter base of the SPD and the traditional Christian voter base of the CDU. But unlike the Greens, for whom gender equality and diversity are core values, the FDP has been criticized for not diversifying its white, male image.

Olaf Schulz urges coalition with Greens and FDP. In statement declares the Union CDU/CSU as opposition party, it's time for change. Good luck ... with FDP?

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