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The SDP, Greens and Die Linke are 5 seats short of an overall majority, and so could only form a minority Government which might be unstable. However it would take the combined votes of the CDU/CSU, FDP and AfD to defeat them on any issue.

Would the opprobrium heaped on the CDU/CSU and FDP for combining with the AfD be more damaging for them than the SDP/Greens linking up with Die Linke, with swing voters?

It seems to me, in policy terms, the SDP/Greens have more in common with Die Linke than they have with the FDP, (especially now that the Die Linke are in a relatively weak bargaining position).

So could the SDP/Greens form a coalition with Die Linke and dare the CDU/CSU and FDP to bring it down with AfD support? It may not be their first option, but some back channel communications could continue in case negotiations with the FDP break down.

The SDP need more than one option if they are not to be held hostage by the FDP...

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