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Israel seeks diplomatic allies against the ICC

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is counting upon the diplomatic route against the International Criminal Court's decision to investigate war crimes alleged to have been committed by his country. Israel will not be short of supporters. Predictably, the US has already clarified its "complete opposition to the decision of the prosecutor" to investigate war crimes allegations. Germany, Hungary, Uganda, Australia, the Czech Republic, Canada, Austria, and Brazil have also expressed their opposition to the ICC decision, furthering Israel's claims of political manipulation at The Hague.

For all the media frenzy over the ICC decision, the impending investigations do not appear to be a deterrent for Israel's ongoing war crimes schedule. Settlement expansion is one of the areas that international law deems to be a war crime, yet Israel is still granting permits for further construction projects. In 2020, as Palestinians faced additional hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic, Israel reneged on its supposedly humanitarian agenda and duly displaced many, and the colonial land grab continued unabated.

To find willing diplomatic accomplices ready to distort a legitimate and much-needed criminal investigation into allegations that the ICC decision is a result of political manipulation is easy for Israel. Its diplomatic outreach and "self-defence/security" narrative have been normalised by the international community, and it has strong allies in that regard, including those countries with a similar settler-colonial background, such as Australia, Canada, and, of course, the US.

US slaps sanctions on ICC prosecutor Bensouda over Afghanistan war probe

by Oui on Sun Oct 10th, 2021 at 07:26:21 AM EST

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