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I've come a long way from being a liberal Zionist.  I used to say that violence was not the answer. That it was wrong on both sides.  I used to feel there was a difference between Palestinian "terrorism" and Israeli "violence."  I used to believe in a two-state solution. I used to believe that a one-state solution would destroy my (then) cherished idea of a Jewish state. I didn't even know what the Nakba was.  Even if I did, I didn't understand the enormity of the crime.  I used to believe Israel could become a liberal democratic state.  I even used to believe that democracy and religion (at least an enlightened form of it) could co-exist.  I used to love Israel, but as a `loyal' critic.  I used to believe that Meir Kahane was an aberration and didn't represent "Israel."  I used to believe that there were Israeli heroes.

All of that has come crashing down over the years.  It didn't happen all at once.  It was a gradual process.  As Israel turned farther and farther to the right, I turned the opposite way.  Now, I burn inside at what Israel has made of itself.  The mass murder. The apartheid. The bombs. The hate. It's just too much.  It breaks my heart. But more than that, it enrages me.  I feel betrayed.  But more than that, I'm angry and disgusted.

In one important way, I've made a massive change.  In the past, it would have hurt me to speak of any sense of righteousness in killing Israeli Jews.  How could I justify killing one of my own people? Some may question my hesitation in so.  To them I would say, especially is they observe any particular religion: how would you feel if you were Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc. and justice required you to accept killing your own? That's a hard decision to make.

My family is currently secured under a shooting attack on our home in Givat Avot. Listen to the security forces.
The Kahanist right is in a paroxysm of anger at the murder, fueled by the anticipation that it will play a crucial role in a far-right election victory.  It expects that its fascist leaders, Betzalel Smotirch and Ben Gvir will become senior security ministers in the coming cabinet.  As such they will get the opportunity to bring down their iron fist on the Palestinians in ways Israel has not until now.  It's hard to believe how much worse it can be than now. But trust me, it can and will if these would-be murderers are given access to real political power.

Kahanist MK Itamar Ben Gvir, who is nothing but a champion of incitement and wild claims, tweeted falsely (above) that his home "was under attack." This was either a lie or a complete misjudgment of events transpiring nearby.  Channel 7 picked this up and reported the false story. This is a clever bit of incitement to fuel the sense of rage among the radical settler movement.  It serves two purposes: it turns Ben Gvir into a martyr and swings even more votes his way for the Tuesday election; it also whips up a frenzy of vengeance against Palestinians.  Which of course fuels the next round of violence.  Israel is a whirlwind of hate and blood.  An unending cycle of vengeance and counter-vengeance.  It is hopeless.  I'm sorry to say it. I wish I didn't feel this way.

Violence begets more violence. For many decades the United States has exported its culture of violence, diplomatic bullying, harsh economic sanctions bringing the world to the edge of environmental collapse and a nuclear confrontation. All in a drive for global dominance, a NWO. The Neocon policy of creating chaos and making big profits.

Nevertheless, I would never support a Malcolm X, rather walk with a visionary like Martin Luther King or a Nelson Mandela.

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Oct 31st, 2022 at 01:05:00 PM EST

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