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In my estimation, it was developed by NSA in Idaho facilities in close cooperation with Israel Mossad/Unit 8200 experts. It was tested at Dimona and spread and implemented by Israel. The damage done was less than envisioned. Therefore Israel's political leadership pushed its national security cabinet to bomb the nuclear facilities in 2012. Launch bases included airfields in Azerbaijan. Obama blocked the endeavor by sending a public warning to parties involved. Israel's military and intelligence agencies were not convinced it would bring less harm to Israel. Secrets were leaked to the media.

The relationship between Obama-Kerry and Israel's Netanyahu and Moshe Ya'alon would never recover. Obama intervened in early 2016 election in Israel in an failed attempt to unseat Bibi. In the fall of 2016, Netanyahu, oligarchs with (Arab) allies succeeded to change White House color from blue to red.

Israel tests on worm called crucial in Iran nuclear delay | 16 Jan 2011 |

Meir Dagan told the Israeli Knesset in recent days that Iran had run into technological difficulties that could delay a bomb until 2015--a sharp reversal from Israel's long-held argument that Iran was on the cusp of success.

The biggest single factor in putting time on the nuclear clock appears to be Stuxnet, the most sophisticated cyberweapon ever deployed.

Experts who have picked apart the computer worm describe it as far more complex--and ingenious--than anything they had imagined when it began circulating around the world, unexplained, in mid-2009.

Many mysteries remain, chief among them, exactly who constructed a computer worm that appears to have several authors on several continents.

Stuxnet and the Limits of Cyber Warfare

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