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Attack on Russian fleet leads to collapse of deal ensuring vital grain shipments | WSWS |

The Russian foreign ministry said the strikes were "directed, among other things, against Russian ships that ensure the functioning of the specified humanitarian corridor." Following the attack, the ministry claimed that "the Russian side cannot guarantee the safety of civilian dry cargo ships participating in the `Black Sea Initiative.'"

The Black Sea Grain Initiative was an agreement between Russia and Ukraine, brokered by Turkey in July, that allowed the transportation of 9.5 million tons of food products out of Ukraine and onto global markets, against the backdrop of an unprecedented surge in food prices.

Like the bombing of the Kerch Bridge and the assassination of Russian fascist ideologue Daria Dugina, the announcement of the Ukrainian attack followed a similar pattern. The New York Times reported that Ukrainian forces carried out the attack, confirming the assertions of Russian officials.

The Times' confirmation came in the form of an article published Saturday, "With Western Weapons, Ukraine Is Turning the Tables in an Artillery War," which declared, "The new capabilities were on display in the predawn hours Saturday when Ukrainian drones hit a Russian vessel docked in the Black Sea Fleet's home port of Sevastopol, deep in the occupied territory of Crimea, once thought an impregnable bastion."

As with previous attacks, Ukrainian officials denied being involved, absurdly claiming Russia blew up its own ships. Other US reports treated the claims that Ukrainian forces were involved as unsubstantiated allegations by the Kremlin.

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