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hmm, yes, well, "wheat" for "starving Africans" and "JCC"  are searchable eurotrib KEYWORDS to use, if you care to recap The Grain Deal® progress: MY 2021/2022 world producers, Ukraine principal buyers, Ukraine port conditions, mine sweeping, in/outbound vessel movements since 1 Aug from 3, covered ports, and actual cargo delivered.

Resolution of disagreement among the parties
Reuters | Russia's statement on resuming participation in Black Sea grain deal, 2 Nov

Here is a translation by Reuters from the Russian....
India Narative | Russia returns to Black Sea Grain Initiative after 'written guarantees', 2 Nov
The United Nations, which is backing the initiative signed by Russia, Ukraine[,] and Turkey in Istanbul on July 22 in order to give global access to Ukrainian food products and Russian food and fertilizer, too[,] announced that it will not to plan any movement of vessels in the region for Wednesday....
China Daily | Moscow returning to Black Sea grain deal, 3 Nov
The Russian defense ministry said it had received written guarantees from Kyiv not to use the Black Sea grain corridor for military operations against Russia.

"The Russian Federation considers that the guarantees received at the moment appear sufficient, and resumes the implementation of the agreement," the ministry statement said.

Daily Sabah | Türkiye, Russia agree to send grains to African countries for free, 4 Nov
"In my phone call with (Russian President) Vladimir Putin, he said, 'Let's send this grain to countries such as Djibouti, Somalia[,] and Sudan for free' - and we agreed," Erdoğan said in his speech during the MÜSIAD EXPO in Istanbul.

The comment came after Russia on Wednesday resumed its participation in the United Nations and Türkiye-brokered grain agreement, ending four days of non-cooperation that still saw exports continue from Ukrainian ports.
The U.N. and Türkiye brokered separate deals with Russia and Ukraine in July to ensure Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia would receive grain and other food from the Black Sea region during Russia's war in Ukraine.

The 120-day deal pact is up for renewal on Nov. 19, three days after the G-20 summit concludes.

UN | Initiative on the Safe Transportation of Grain and Foodstuffs from Ukrainian Ports
B. Inspection teams will be set up in Türkiye. The inspection teams in Türkiye will consist of
representatives from all Parties and the UN. Vessels will transit to and enter the Ukrainian ports in
line with the JCC-approved schedule upon the vessels' inspection by an Inspection Team. The primary responsibility of the Inspection Teams will be to check for the absence of unauthorised cargoes and personnel on board vessels inbound to or outbound from the Ukrainian ports.

C. All activities in Ukrainian territorial waters will be under authority and responsibility of Ukraine.

The Parties will not undertake any attacks against merchant vessels and other civilian vessels and port facilities engaged in this Initiative.

Should demining be required, a minesweeper of another country, agreed by all Parties, shall sweep the approaches to the Ukrainian ports, as necessary.
E. To prevent any provocations and incidents, the movement of vessels transiting the maritime humanitarian corridor will be monitored by the Parties remotely. No military ships, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) may approach the maritime humanitarian corridor closer than a distance agreed by the JCC, without the authorization of the JCC, and after consultation with all Parties.
H. This initiative will remain in effect for 120 days from the date of signature by all Parties and can be extended automatically for the same period, unless one of the Parties notifies the other of the intent to terminate the initiative or to modify it.

AFAIK, texts of UN, TR sideline RU Black Sea Initiative agreements have not been published, leaving an incomplete impression of tri-lateral obligations and duties that NATO allies have filled with more "unprovoked Russian agression."
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