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It's amazing how a foregone conclusion reveals itself, given time for persons of interest to string non sequiturs around their cordon sanitaire rather than bring examination of the corpse, as it were, into evidence.

.aklagare.se | Confirmed sabotage at Nord Stream, 18.11.22

Analyzes that have now been carried out show traces of explosives on several of the foreign objects that were found [WHERE?]. The advanced analysis work continues to be able to draw safer conclusions about the incident, says Mats Ljungqvist.

The preliminary investigation is very complex and extensive. The continued preliminary investigation must show whether anyone can be served with suspicion of a crime.

credibility timeline
PR team: DK Armed Forces, DK Energy Agency (NS2), SE Armed Forces, SE Coast Guard, SE Maritime Admin, SE National Seismic Network 2, DE Geology Research Centre GFZ, Center for Maritime Operations, Royal Danish Defence College, 27.09.22
Prosecutors at the National Security Unit, 28.09.22
Public Prosecutor, National Unit against International and Organized Crime, 28.09.22
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aklagare.se | Supplementary crime scene investigation at Nord Stream, 28.10.22
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- The cooperation with authorities in Sweden and in other countries works excellently. For the continued work with the preliminary investigation and for the various collaborations that are ongoing, it is important that we can work in peace and quiet [5 nautical mi radius], says Chamber prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist.

The prosecutor cannot provide more information at this time and is not able to be available to the media.

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