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The latest round of "peace efforts" between Azerbaijan and Armenia, hosted by  Putin, has ended. He met with Azerbaijan President Ilham Alyev and Armenia PM Nikol Pashinyan separately. Kremlin.ru posted "read outs" of each party's prepared opening remarks.

Meeting with Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan
Meeting with President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev

At the end of the day, maybe they got a room, because apa.az published a joint statement.

G7 media operators handled this diplomatic diversion from Putin's war of aggression on Ukraine with perfunctory cricism. The substance of "No breakthrough" (CTV News) and "With Moscow increasingly isolated on the world stage following its offensive on Ukraine, the US and the EU have taken a leading role in mediating the Armenia-Azerbaijan peace talks."(F24) are indicative of thin attendance and interest in Putin's televised press conference.

under the radar

Kremlin.ru has not posted the presser transcript yet, but RT, TASS, and al Mayadeen noted that NATO custodians of Nord Stream  wreckage finally allowed Gazprom reps to inspect the site. In any case, details conveyed to Putin do not resemble the "holes" packaged in The Three Inquistors' murky video exhibits or tastefully lighted artist rendering. Machine-translated TASS quotes:

"Today, Gazprom head Alexei Miller reported to me in the morning that they examined, by the way, allowed Gazprom to examine the site of the explosion," the Russian leader said.

According to him, two funnels [?] were found—three and five meters deep. "A pipe 40 meters long was torn out, the gap is, in total the pipes have diverged for 259 meters, in my opinion," he added. "This piece of the pipe, which was torn out, was bent 90 degrees and thrown 40 meters to the side. Just in the direction of Nord Stream 2, which was also damaged, apparently by this explosion and fragments, the remains of this pipe...It's hard for us to control it [material and documentary evidence], because it's all in the special economic zone of Denmark, Sweden, then further to Germany < eyebrow >," he added.

RT (EN) translates this comment, "The blast 'tore off' a 40-meter section of the pipe and separated the lines by 250 meters, Putin said, adding there was 'a piece bent by 90 degrees and thrown against another part of Nord Stream.'"
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