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A thought nags me: I expected this tech divide in the flow of information between Europe and NoVa, US but not precise circumstance. I'll need a Balmer minute to mine the plaque in me brain net to locate the eurotrib context of that post...

before or after I scoffed at GOOG defense offered Vestager, that it was technically impossible to discriminate between, or "ring fence," Schrems violations?

In the meantime, repeating banking "truths" about SWIFT, INSTEX, SFPS, and CIPS is appropriate here to dispel sanctimonious footing of IMF's founders in yet another global, post-war, post-colonial realignment.

in re: TBTF "systemically significant" and EXPOSED financial institutions, observe an amusing change in tempo by Wall Street "insiders"

25 Feb, Here's Why the Russian Sanctions Are a Dud: Big Foreign Banks from the U.S., France, Austria and Italy Are Operating in a "Routine Manner" in Russia

Noticeably missing from President Biden's press conference yesterday on expanded sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine was any mention of how the U.S. and its allies were going to deal with the big foreign global banks that conduct banking business for thousands of Russian corporations and millions of Russian individuals. Biden only mentioned sanctions on Russian banks....
28 Feb, Moscow Stock Exchange Can't Open as Russian Stock Prices Collapse on Foreign Exchanges
Putin started an unprovoked war in Ukraine and now finds himself losing a serious financial battle at home....
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