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Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
upstream, downstream transactions, and "Origins and Development of SWIFT, 1973-2009" (marking intrabank credit collapse AKA Panic of '08)

Russia Set for Currency Crisis as EU, US Limit Access to SWIFT, Freeze CBR Assets
FX speculators unleashed to "attack" RU currency value in... AE markets; merits a Krugman bon mot against EURO, for USD

collected FX specifications
Stocks decline amid Russia's invasion, sanctions escalation
conflating AE and EME foreign exchange demand

US Treasury Prohibits Transactions With Russia's Central Bank, Wealth Fund & Finance Ministry
text of US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) theft

Understanding domestic and int'l intrabank payment networks
summary of EME bi-lateral FX, central bank capital controls with live URL links to RU and CN authorities

de nile is not only a river in Africa
divest? How?
barriers to small and institutional shareholders ritual sacrifices to late, modern western civilization (anathema)

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