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I think he is over optimistic at the end.

Who could have imagined one month ago that the US Senate would be presented with a resolution by Senator Lindsey Graham calling for total support for the investigation by the international criminal court? And that it would be passing unanimously. That is a sea change, and it's a really significant sea change.

You can't adopt a resolution saying the ICC has jurisdiction over Russian nationals, while saying it has no jurisdiction over Americans.

Of course you can.

The trial of admiral Dönitz at Nuremburg is instructive:

His sentence on unrestricted submarine warfare was not assessed because of similar actions by the Allies. In particular, the British Admiralty, on 8 May 1940, had ordered all vessels in the Skagerrak sunk on sight, and Admiral Chester Nimitz, wartime commander-in-chief of the US Pacific Fleet, stated the US Navy had waged unrestricted submarine warfare in the Pacific from the day the US officially entered the war. Thus, Dönitz was not charged of waging unrestricted submarine warfare against unarmed neutral shipping by ordering all ships in designated areas in international waters to be sunk without warning.
by fjallstrom on Mon Apr 4th, 2022 at 09:25:00 AM EST
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