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I have no idea what Martin Longman is talking about ...

The French Results Are Welcome But Not Reassuring | Progress Pond |

I most definitely understand Steve M.'s frustration with headlines and analysis that treat French President Emmanuel Macron's 17-point victory over fascist Marine Le Pen as a win for the fascists. But maybe that analysis is prescient.

    By contrast, America's neofascist, anti-Muslim Putin ally gave it to us uncut and undiluted, won in 2016, came within fewer than 50,000 votes of an Electoral College victory in 2020, and is the favorite to win (and win the popular vote this time) in 2024.

The German parliamentary elections of 1930 were notable, in retrospect, less for the performance of the winners than the losers.

Is this just poor attempt for fear mongering? I hate these simplifications and comparisons to Hitler and the establishment of the Nazi era towards a devastating World War. Instability in US politics is a domestic issue.

Living in a parallel universe of fear and demonization, not realizing how foreign policy set by a Republican and Democratic administration are not so different. Blame the other half of Americans to lose track. Fascist ideology is ingrained in a more and more violent culture of America. Years of disinformation is taking its toll. Trust in US Congress and its members has been barely above the single digits. A divided America is becoming more red as time goes by.

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Apr 25th, 2022 at 07:31:18 PM EST

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